Cliffs Communities


Having built over 5,000 docks, Kroeger Marine is pleased to service all Cliffs at Lake Keowee communities (Cliffs at Falls South, Springs at Lake Keowee, Azalea Ridge). Our boat docks meet or exceed all Cliffs Communities architectural guidelines. Each dock is built on either our specially designed Signature or Classic frame. All Kroeger Marine docks come complete with collapsible exterior cleats, dock slip wedges, and our unique Signature flared ramp. Also included as standard are such details as Brazilian hardwood wrapping of roof posts, rafter tails, bumpboards, and ramp and dock decking. Roofing styles include our approved Signature hip and half roof line, which offers beauty and enhanced outdoor living space. Many options are available such as the Seaflex underwater mooring system, which eliminates the standard cable and winch anchoring system. We also have an overhead dock loft for storage, lock boxes, dock oiling and cupola/weathervanes.

View our collection of beautiful dock and erosion control projects in the Lake Keowee Cliffs Communities or read what our many satisfied customers in the Cliffs Communities have said about their Kroeger Marine experience.

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