Some of our boat dock options, add-ons, accessories & innovations for all needs:

Zuri Dock Box


An upgrade from the usual white fiberglass dock box, this one gives you lots of convenient storage with a built in padded seat, all of which can be customized to your tastes. Built from beautiful Zuri decking with a 25-year fade warranty, it comes in standard silver trim or may be painted brown or green with your choice of blue or green top cushion. A smart, attractive, useful addition to any dock.

White Fiberglass Dock Box


Dock Loft


Kayak Stow & Go (patent-pending)


Finally a safe and easy way to get in and out of your kayak from your dock, plus a secure storage all in one! Our exclusive Kayak Stow & Go provides you a steady platform for getting in and out of the kayak from dockside, and can be easily fitted on to your existing dock. It is perfectly angled when stored so no rain gets inside, and it’s stored above the water line. Plus, the lightweight frame is very easy to lower and pull up. We also have options available for canoes and paddle boards. A recent customer shared with us that the Kayak Stow & Go has dramatically changed how often he and his wife use their kayaks. Before they had to store them in the garage or basement and carry them back and forth, then drag the kayaks up over the riprap or beach. The Kayak Stow & Go has made it easier and more convenient to use the kayaks, so now they’re out on the water in them all the time!



SwimEze® is the ideal solution for making access to the water simple, safe and convenient. Incorporated into the plan of your dock, SwimEze® has broad, easy steps that automatically descend into the water. The steps are constructed of the same material as your dock surface. When not in use, the entire dock area can be utilized for relaxation, sunning, cozy get-togethers, etc …



Seaflex is an elastic mooring system that moors pontoons and buoys in every ocean on the planet, under all weather conditions. Seaflex moorings are highly resistant to corrosion and are unrivalled in their ability to safely and securely adjust with tides and wave motion. It does not damage sensitive ecosystem on the seabed and requires minimal maintenance. Seaflex is one of the most reliable mooring systems on the market whether for complete marinas, breakwaters, buoys, free-floating docks or fishing farms. Seaflex’s unique design allows it to slowly extend and return in a smooth, even movement. In conjunction with initial pre-tension, Seaflex mooring provides progressive resistance to wave – motion in both the vertical and lateral plane. Disturbing wakes common in harbors and marinas, with lots of traffic are largely negated, significantly reducing the risk of damage to moored boats.

Winch Anchor


 Corner and Horizontal Bumpers


Upright Bumpers


Fixed Cleats


Folding Cleats




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