SwimEze® is the ideal solution for making access to the water simple, safe and convenient. Incorporated into the plan of your dock, SwimEze® has broad, easy steps that automatically descend into the water. The steps are constructed of the same material as your dock surface. When not in use, the entire dock area can be utilized for relaxation, sunning, cozy get-togethers, etc …

When it comes time to swim, pneumatic power unfolds the steps into the water with an underwater platform to rest on. SwimEze® spells the end of hard-to-climb, slippery ladders that are difficult for older adults, young children or even pets. SwimEze® allows easy entry to everyone in search of some time in the water.

Appealing to young and old, people and pets, SwimEze® is an elegantly simple solution to an age old problem — easy access to the water from a dock! It virtually disappears when not in use and easily but dramatically unfolds when needed.

When not in use, it is just another part of the dock for relaxing, sunning, and conversation. It requires the same care as the rest of the dock surface, and since it is stored out of the water when not in use, it never gets slipperier than the dock surface and requires no special cleaning.

But most of all, it provides comfortable, easy access to the water for people and pets— and years of reliable, care-free service for you, family and friends!

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