Don’t let your dreams erode!

The greatest problem plaguing lake front property owners on Lakes Keowee, Hartwell, Jocassee, Thurmond, and Bowen today is bank erosion – the gradual wearing of shoreline. This erosion can result in property loss, tree and ground cover loss, stained (muddy) water, and structural failure. Kroeger Marine Construction can help prevent all of these situations from occurring by using erosion control techniques including Rip Rap and a variety of natural stone delivered and applied by barge. When the application calls for a green Erosion Control Solution, Kroeger Marine Construction is a leader in new environmentally friendly stabilization techniques utilizing new “Soft Engineering” for shoreline management and stabilization. Schedule a shoreline evaluation now to protect your lake home investment.

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“We are so pleased with our shoreline improvement! When we purchased our lot in East Shores, we were aware of the fact that our shoreline needed extensive fill dirt and shot rock to prevent erosion. You certainly paid a great deal of attention with the preliminary planning and throughout the entire job!” 
- Fred and Norma Brinson

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