The most common solution to erosion control is rip rap (graded stone). Kroeger Marine has a fleet of barges that will install rip rap from the water. The advantages of applying rip rap erosion control by barge to your waterfront include:

  • No heavy trucks entering your property or crossing driveways and septic fields; therefore no possible damage to your sidewalks, landscaping or sprinkler system. Your property remains untouched.
  • It is off-loaded from the lake to the shore rather than dumped over the bank edge from your land, preventing the loss of material that rolls beyond its intended placement.
  • We can transfer debris and spoil matter from your property by barge. We can also assist your contractors with transporting materials in or out by barge.
  • We are able to contour and shape the shoreline from the barge. This is essential for a sound rip rap structure and involves the shaping of cantilevered over-hanging banks to form a suitable slope for rip rap.
  • Several different rock selections varying in color, size, and shape are available to not only protect but enhance the appearance of your grand lake front entrance.
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