Based on 30 years of experience, we have developed a system that will help guide you through the dock building process. At the center of everything we do is ensuring that we customize your dock to your lifestyle now and in the future. Below are the steps that will guide you through the process.

1. Complete Site Evaluation

Your entire property must be evaluated, exploring all factors that will affect the use of your dock including: erosion risks, water depths, and much more.

2. Lakeside Lifestyle Assessment

Below are a few lifestyle choices that should be considered when planning for your dock:

  • Boat Type
  • Personal Water Crafts (PWC)
  • Family Use
  • Part-time versus Full-time residence
  • Recreation
  • Entertaining
  • Sun versus shade
  • Timing
  • Future Needs

3. Permitting

We can help you apply for the appropriate permit or review your permit for compliance. A few questions to consider:

  • Do you have a permit?
  • Is your permit current?
  • Does your permit allow for all of the dock options you would like?
  • Does your permit need to be updated?

4. Product Selection

There are many docking and lakefront options to consider for your custom dock. See the partial list below for some ideas.

  • Boat Docks – Kroeger Marine can accommodate docking for multiple boats of different sizes with custom docking solutions
  • Boat Lifts – Boat lifts keep your boat safe, clean, and close to the water for convenient storage and waterfront access.
  • PWC Lifts – Our PWC lift options keep your PWC’s easily accessible and safely stored.
  • Erosion Control – Protect your bank with stabilization and erosion control solutions offered by Kroeger Marine.

5. Dock Enhancements

Customize your dock with dock enhancements such as: dock lofts, dock boxes, swim ladders, and many more customization options that will make your dock perfect for your lifestyle.

6. Inspection

Once your custom dock has been completed, an inspection will be conducted to ensure that it complies with the permit regulations, also confirming that all safety and lifestyle features are intact.

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