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Security: A boat can be a significant investment. Having a personal boat dock allows for privacy and may reduce the likelihood of unintended guests compared to a public marina. A boat dock also provides security and protection for your boat from the elements.

Value: Purchasing your own dock can eliminate the cost of marina fees. You will also increase the value of your waterfront property with the addition of a dock.

Versatility: A boat dock doesn’t just need to be for boat storage. It can be used as an outdoor living space to relax and experience all that the lake has to offer.

Are There Design Guidelines That Must Be Followed?

Yes! Preservation of natural surroundings and safe navigation of the lake are two primary considerations that determine the regulations. Each lake has its own specific design guidelines that must be followed. The following mandated design regulations must be followed when constructing a dock on Lake Keowee:

  • Maximum walkway width of four feet
  • Maximum size of 1,000 square feet including the walkway and the covered boat slip
  • Docks cannot extend beyond the projected property line without permission from the neighboring property owner
  • Dock can only extend 120 feet from shore or 1/3 the distance across the waterway, whichever distance is shorter

There may be additional mandated design regulations that are property and community-specific.

What Dock Configuration And Design Is Best For Me?

There are many different dock variations to choose from depending on size, roof layout, and materials. If you’re thinking about adding a dock to your waterfront property, it’s best to start by deciding what you want from your dock to create your ideal waterfront lifestyle. For example, will you have one boat or multiple boats, and what size? Do you want to have the ability to tan and have recovery space? Need storage? Want a hoist? Need accessories? Want space for a seating area? After this, consider matters of water depth, shoreline characteristics, and location. All of these factors and more have bearing on your dock’s configuration and materials. Ultimately, this is what will determine the total project cost.

How Long Will Construction Take On My New Dock?

Lead times can vary based on the season. Installation lead times are determined based on permitting, material availability, weather conditions, and more, so we always recommend getting the process started as soon as possible so you can have your custom dock exactly when you need it.

How Long Will My Dock Last?

Even without maintenance, a professionally installed dock will last an average of 15 to 25 years. With routine maintenance, you can add as much as ten extra years to your dock’s lifespan. At Kroeger Marine, we make it a priority to build custom docks with increased stability, durability, and usability that will outlast the test of time.