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If you haven’t already, winter is the perfect time of year to consider maintaining and beautifying your shoreline. Whether it is something you have been putting off or are unsure how to approach it, Kroeger Marine is here to help get your lakefront property looking great so you can get back on the water this spring.

Here are a few things to consider that will make a big difference come spring!

Erosion Control

Bank erosion can lead to property loss, fallen trees, and stained (muddy) water, all of which, besides being just plain unsightly, take away from your lakefront investment. There are a variety of ways to prevent this from occurring, including the term you may have heard referred to as Riprap. Shoreline stabilization, erosion control, and riprap all refer to the various treatments used to prevent the lakefront property from eroding and you from losing value on your investment. This work involves a team of skilled installers to do it right. Having it installed by barge is far better than from by land because it prevents any potential damage to your hardscapes and landscapes.

Choosing Your Riprap

There are a variety of applications to suit personal tastes as well as meet specific community requirements for these projects. We have several styles of stone including Blue Grey Granite, Oconee Prime, Foundation Stone, and Georgia Green. Each one provides a different feel and look to the shoreline along with any additional features you need such as access steps through the stone to the water’s edge. If it’s hard to picture all of this, have a look at the riprap gallery for examples of each one. To finish out a job, the rock is “laser shot” to ensure it has a straight-line top edge, a purely esthetic touch to make sure it looks great. We also remove any trees and underbrush that have been disturbed during the installation process, leaving your shoreline looking well-maintained and well-protected for years to come.

Solving Shoreline Erosion

Our team has spent years designing and developing leading erosion control techniques.
Engineering proper solutions catered to you requires:

  1. Diagnosis of lake conditions and understanding lake processes
  2. Assessment of what is happening on the land
  3. Proper construction and/or maintenance of erosion control systems
  4. Landscape practices that are healthy for the lake