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Not ready to say “goodbye” to boating season and “hello” to the cooler weather quite yet? Thinking about a new boat dock, but saving your plans for spring? Not sure where to get started with how to build a boat dock?

For boaters and lake-lovers alike, it can be tough to let go of summer as the temperature starts to drop. If you’re planning any renovations or updates to your dock for next season, the good news is you don’t have to let go of summer just yet!

In fact we recommend you take advantage of the cooler months and plan your new dock now!

Here are 5 reasons why this is a great idea:

1. Off-season Availability

In the off-season contractors may not be as busy, making them more available for you to work efficiently. Imagine how great it would be to get spring started in the construction phase of your new project while everyone else is fighting for time with contractors just to start planning!

2. Price

At this time of the year many manufacturers are planning for price increases for the new year. This is often the result of rising costs of materials. With today’s uncertainty with trade agreements and tariffs and the volatility of the market, buying in the fall ensures you are getting a new dock before the dock prices rise.

3. Increase Your Home’s Value

You might be building a dock to increase the value of your home! In this case, again, planning is key. If you plan to sell your waterfront property and you do not have a boat dock installed, your property will sell for less than the waterfront properties with a boat dock. By adding a dock to your property, its value will automatically increase. Since not many as many people are looking for homes to buy in the winter season with the Holidays, you should start the dock planning and designing process in these months. If you do not plan to sell your waterfront property, you can prepare your property for a refinance.

The value of your boat docks depends on other structures as well, such as the water and shoreline features, how you plan to use it, and the quality of construction and installation. For this reason, you need to select a team of professionals with experience in designing and installing boat docks.

4. Time to Enjoy

Our docks require time to design. Not only are there a number of customizable options to decide upon, but engineers oversee every part of the manufacturing process. We go the extra mile to ensure the docks are secure, safe and durable enough to last. Securing the permits needed can take several months all on its own.

If you can knock out the planning stages for your new dock over the fall and winter months, you’ll be able to set a convenient construction date that will have you a new dock by summer! That all translates to a long boating season with a brand-new dock for you!

5. Get It Right

If your new dock is on hold all winter long, come spring, you’re sure to be antsy; who wouldn’t be? In your excitement to get things done, maybe you miss a few details you could regret. Planning in the fall and winter gives you the luxury of time– time to get things right and pay attention to all the details!


When you are proactive about your dock care and maintenance, it’s easier to make it through the various seasons and know that your items are protected. You’ll be able to make smarter decisions and have more selection for upgrades because you’re not just finding out about them at the last minute.

You’ll be thinking about it all winter anyway, so you might as well make your plans for a new boat dock official. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to build a boat dock or service on a current dock, we have you covered!