Erosion Control

At Kroeger Marine, our goal is to protect your greatest property asset—your shoreline.


A Beautiful, Healthy Shoreline Begins With Kroeger Marine.

The greatest problem plaguing lakefront property owners today on Lake Keowee is bank erosion – the gradual wearing and dissipation of shoreline. Every shoreline is different and erosion can result in property loss, tree and ground cover loss, stained (muddy) water, and eventual structural failure. So, preventative erosion control is the easiest and least expensive approach to maintaining a beautiful and healthy shoreline.

Solving Shoreline Erosion

our team has spent years designing and developing leading erosion control techniques.

engineering proper solutions catered to you requires:


Diagnosis of lake conditions and understanding lake processes


assessment of what is happening on the land


Proper Construction and/or maintenance of erosion control systems


landscape practices that are healthy for the lake


The Benefits Of Erosion Control

Bank erosion can take away from your lakefront investment. There are a variety of ways to prevent this from occurring, including the term you may have heard referred to as Riprap. Shoreline stabilization, erosion control, and riprap all refer to the various treatments used to prevent the lakefront property from eroding and you from losing value on your investment. Of course, having all of this work done involves various heavy machinery and a team of skilled installers to do it right. That’s why having it installed by barge is far better. All of the work is carried out by water from the barge and not from the land side of your property, thereby preventing any potential damage to your hardscapes and landscapes.

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Choosing Your Riprap

There are a variety of applications to suit personal tastes as well as meet specific community requirements for these projects. We have several types of stone including Oconee Prime, Granite, and Foundation Stone. We use natural stone which yields color variations that make your shoreline uniquely yours and caters specifically to your property.

If it’s hard to picture all of this, have a look at the riprap gallery for more examples of each one. To finish out a job, the rock is “laser shot” to ensure it has a straight-line top edge, a purely aesthetic touch to make sure it looks great. We also remove any trees and underbrush that have been disturbed during the installation process, leaving your shoreline looking well-maintained and well-protected for years to come.


A boulder mix of locally-derived stone of varied texture, color, and size. Using Oconee Prime for your shoreline will result in a cool-toned completed look with warm tones mixed in.

Benefit: Oconee Prime gives your shoreline a much more mosaic-like appearance and provides great protection from erosion, while being aesthetically pleasing. The use of this stone is also allowed in all design-regulated communities.


A coarse grained and generally igneous rock of even texture and light color, composed chiefly of quartz and feldspars. Depending on the feldspar present, granite may be dark or light gray in color.

Benefit: Granite is strong enough to withstand most abrasions, large weights, resist weather conditions and accept varnishes. The use of this stone is also very cost-effective.


A medium-sized boulder mix, predominantly gray in color. It presents a more natural, tumbled appearance for the shoreline aesthetic.

Benefit: Recognized for durability, Foundation Stone excels in shoreline erosion protection. Priced similarly to Oconee Prime, it delivers resilient and versatile landscaping solutions with a unique aesthetic appeal. Notably, it is the best option for integrating into existing unknown or weathered rip-rap. The use of this stone is also allowed in all design-regulated communities.

Permitting Process

You’ll need a permit for this type of project, and we can help with that too. We have folks with years of experience on Lake Keowee to help with the permitting process.


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