Erosion Control

At Kroeger Marine, our goal is to protect your greatest property asset—your shoreline.

A Beautiful, Healthy Shoreline Begins With Kroeger Marine.

The greatest problem plaguing lake front property owners today on Lake Keowee is bank erosion – the gradual wearing and dissipation of shoreline. Every lake and every shoreline is different and erosion can result in property loss, tree and ground cover loss, stained (muddy) water, and eventual structural failure. So, preventative erosion control is the easiest and least expensive approach to maintaining a beautiful and healthy shoreline.

Solving Shoreline Erosion

our team has spent years designing and developing leading erosion control techniques.
engineering proper solutions catered to you requires:

Diagnosis of lake conditions and understanding lake processes


assessment of what is happening on the land


Proper Construction and/or maintenance of erosion control systems


landscape practices that are healthy for the lake

Designed For A Better Environment.

Rock (also known as rip rap) can be used in bio-engineered shoreline erosion control techniques. This approach requires appropriately sized and placed rock based on site conditions. Rock can provide the extra protection needed to ensure a stable shoreline. If designed and planned properly, this rock will provide an aesthetically pleasing shoreline, as well as provide appropriate erosion control for years to come.

Kroeger Marine Construction is the leader in new, environmentally friendly stabilization techniques utilizing new “Soft Engineering” for shoreline management and stabilization. It’s better for you AND the environment.

Schedule a shoreline evaluation now to protect your lake home investment.

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