Our Accessories

We offer unique, patented, quality accessories 
available nowhere else with a dedicated, experienced lake crew available for speedy installation.


LakeEze™ Ladder 
A Custom Innovation From Kroeger Marine.

The new LakeEze™ Ladder brings modern design, customization, and innovation to the forefront of lakeside accessories.

LakeEze™ Ladder Features

Our new, patent pending LakeEze™ Ladder provides a sleek, modern design to help create the perfect lakeside solution to getting in and out of the water from your dock. With two step colors to choose from, grey and orange, these perforated steps provide an extra measure of stability and safety for family and pets. Furthermore, our innovative EzePull technology effortlessly helps raise or lower the LakeEze™ Ladder, making it one of the easiest products to operate on the market.




The LakeEze™ Ladder was specifically designed for easy installation. 
Our team has developed a step by step video to guide you through the simple assembly process.

From our Kayak Stow & Go®, Tubee-Doo™, SwimEze®, to our entire family of accessories, Kroeger Marine offers many innovative products and add-ons to suit your waterfront lifestyle and budget.


Kayak Stow & Go®

Our exclusive, patented, Kayak Stow & Go® is a dockside storage and launch system for kayaks. The frame is designed to keep the stored kayak in an angled position above the waterline.

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SwimEze® is the ideal solution for making access to the water simple, safe, and convenient for everyone. Incorporated into the plan of your dock, SwimEze® has broad, easy steps that automatically descend into the water.

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Our exclusive Tubee-Doo™ is a storage rack that makes storing your paddleboard easy and convenient. The frame is bent out of a simple 20'6" stick of pipe and is designed to hang securely from your dock's ramp.

HydroHoist® Boat Lift

With a HydroHoist® Boat Lift your boat is securely dry-docked. Its hull and outdrive are safely protected from wind and wakedamage as well as algae and marine growths.

Zuri® Dock Box

The Zuri® Dock Box provides lockable dockside storage made with premium, maintenance-free Zuri that adds beauty and elegance while maintaining durability.

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EZ Port® PWC Ports

Our EZ Port® PWC Ports are a patented design with state-of-the-art port structure and rollers which create a user friendly, stable way to keep your PWC dry and safe.

dock rollers


Ryan-O-Rollers are patented dock rollers that virtually eliminate damage to your boat and dock when entering or leaving the slip. The brackets are made of heavy gauge steel and hot-dipped to ensure longevity.


ShockIQ saves lives by detecting electricity on your dock or in surrounding water, preventing Electric Shock Drowning (ESD). ESD occurs when a person in the water comes in contact with a stray electric current path which causes paralysis, resulting in the victim drowning. Enhanced with new mobile technology and safety features, you can be assured that if electricity is detected, a warning alarm is sounded and power is shut off to your dock.

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DockIQ is the world’s first residential smart dock security system developed for the marine environment. DockIQ's Smart Dock System communicates with your mobile app to monitor your dock, boats, and water level to prevent theft and dock damage with high-resolution motion cameras and other devices. You get instant information 24/7 with real-time alerts. The app is included with every system and is supported on your Apple (iOS) or Android phone.

If someone breaches your dock, the IR Camera(s) will detect motion and thermal energy. DockIQ will then turn on the lights at the dock and begin snapping photos. The photos are instantly scanned with facial recognition software to confirm a person is on the dock. If a human is detected, DockIQ activates the siren/warning light and immediately sends alerts to the app, email, and SMS with the photos of the trespasser.

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