Our Custom Docks

We offer innovative dock styles, features, and options to suit your lifestyle and budget.


Designed For Living.
Built For Life.

Our reputation for service and for crafting world-class products is paramount. Because of this, we invest heavily in our people, our process, and in the finest, high-quality materials available. But we don’t stop there.

We go a step farther in blending both form and function to construct the finest waterfront products, such as new docks, dock accessories, and shoreline stabilization. Our beautiful docks are crafted locally in our own facilities with sustainable and low or no-maintenance materials that will last for years to come. There are no products of higher quality, better materials, or finer aesthetics.

However, there are many significant differences in structure and quality between a Kroeger Marine dock and docks from other manufacturers. The true, tangible value and integrity of our custom docks and accessories lies in the details. And this is where Kroeger Marine shines above the rest.

  • heavy-duty
  • maintenance-free
  • aluminum
  • durable
  • focus on affordability
  • optional upgrades
  • beautiful aesthetic

Dock Features

We offer several feature options with your custom Kroeger Marine dock.

Roof Styles

brand new boat dock on lake keowee

Gable Roof

Gable roofs consist of a triangular configuration with a ridge and two sloping sides. This design can be built with any pitch desired, easily accommodating taller boats and boat lifts. Gable roofs are typically more cost effective due to the simple design.

Dock on lake keowee with green roof

Hip Roof

A hip roof is sloped on all sides, with the slopes meeting in a peak like a pyramid. This design is considered more architecturally complex in comparison to a traditional gable roof design, reflecting a contemporary and elegant design aesthetic. This roof style is self-bracing which creates increased strength and greater durability.

Pontoon boat covered by wooden boat dock

Hip-and-a-Half Roof

A hip and a half roof consists of two hip roofs, one over the main slip(s) and a smaller one over the wide seating area, resulting in an L-shaped configuration. This design combines all the features of the hip roof with the added flexibility of uncovered and covered areas. This design gives a unique look to the dock while also offering great protection from the elements and extreme stability.

Boat sitting in a dock on a lake at sunset

Ramp Style

Flared Ramp

Our Commitment To Our Craft

We design + build docks that are completely custom and uniquely your own.


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