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Get the most from your lake home investment with some tips and tricks, as well as answers to important questions on how to maximize lakeside living with your Kroeger Marine custom dock.

Protecting Your Lakefront Investment: The Importance of Shoreline Stabilization and Kroeger Marine’s Superior Erosion Control Solutions

As a lakefront property owner, you understand the challenges posed by bank erosion. The gradual wearing and dissipation of the shoreline not only diminishes the beauty of your property but can also lead to property loss, environmental damage, and costly structural failures


What’s Happening July 4th 2023?

We're thrilled to share some exciting local events and fireworks displays taking place in our community, ensuring that your Fourth of July is packed with fun and excitement. So, get ready to dive into the festivities! We hope you have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July weekend, whether you're attending local events, hosting a backyard barbecue, or simply spending quality time with loved ones


Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Dock Ready for an Unforgettable Summer on the Water

As summer approaches, it's time to prepare your dock for a season of endless fun and relaxation. A well-maintained and properly equipped dock ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for you, your family, and your friends. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to get your dock ready for the summer, ensuring it's in optimal condition for all your waterfront activities


Post KM In Water Boat Show Blog

The 12th annual Keowee Marina In Water Boat Show kicked off on Saturday, April 22nd , and ran through Sunday, April 23rd. The Keowee Marina In-Water Boat Show always keeps us on our toes, happily chatting with hundreds of lake enthusiasts, and this year was no exception!