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Five Safety Tips to Get You Out On The Water…And Keep You There

There is no better way to spend a hot summer’s day than on the cool, glistening waters of a lake. While making memories that last a lifetime, it is also important to take preventative measures to stay safe while enjoying a waterfront lifestyle. Here are our 5 safety tips to know, so you and your loved ones have a relaxing season:

Always wear the right life jacket

It’s no secret how important life jackets are—but many reserve them only for small children and inexperienced swimmers. It’s crucial to wear a proper life jacket while out on the lake and equally important to make sure you have the right life jacket. First, check the tag to ensure that your lifejacket is U.S. Coast Guard approved, and then ensure it fits properly. If you cannot properly fasten all buckles and zippers, the life jacket is too small. If the life jacket rises above the ears when arms are extended over the head, it is too big.

Protect yourself from electric shock

An unsuspecting tragedy that can affect lake goers is Electric Shock Drowning. ESD occurs when electricity from a dock or boat seeps into the water and paralyzes unsuspecting swimmers. These currents can be nearly impossible to detect by sight alone, thankfully there are products to help. Our ShockIQ product is the perfect safety measure to ensure protection against electric currents—enhanced with technology that sounds a warning alarm and shuts off power to your dock at the detection of that electricity. ShockIQ allows you to enjoy a waterfront lifestyle without the worry and safety of your loved ones.

Be prepared for an emergency

Even with all the precautions in the world, accidents can still happen—and when they do, it’s best to be prepared. Having a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible area could prevent a small fire on your dock or boat from transpiring into something larger. It’s also a good idea to have a first aid kit on hand to have in case a medical emergency were to occur. Dock storage like our Zuri Dock Box™ makes it easy and convenient to have all your safety equipment on hand.

Know the signs of drowning

Contrary to popular belief, it’s typically difficult to tell when someone is drowning. While you may imagine flailing arms and frantic splashing, the signs of drowning are usually much more subtle. If you observe a swimmer whose head is low in the water with their mouth at water level, you should check on them immediately. Similarly, if someone is gasping for breath with their head tilted back and their mouth open, it could be a sign of distress.

Stay well-hydrated and protected from the sun

Warm, beautiful days are the best part of the summer but it is important to take precautions against the mighty powers of the sun. First, hydration is key—drink water, and plenty of it! Try to avoid alcohol and sodas, these drinks can actually contribute to dehydration. And when it comes to protecting your skin, it probably comes as no surprise that sunscreen is key. But remember, you should be reapplying roughly every 2 hours!

Whether you are new to the lake lifestyle or a seasoned veteran, staying safe and healthy is always important. Keep these safety tips in mind while enjoying your Kroeger Marine dock and dock accessories.